Consultant Restaurant Jakarta

Consultant Restaurant Jakarta for Boogie at Bogor

Pid, consultant restaurant Jakarta were urge to make a stunning concept for a place in Bogor. The place has been rented for 5 years and still 3 years to come. The owner had opened a restaurant concept before for 2 years and it did not working well. Being empty for almost 1 year with out any new concept, this place became fading away. The new concept had to be in place ASAP.

The owner asked pid team to make a new concept that can make the place busy and gaining popularity again. The new concept need to be succeed in making a new attraction and talk of town. We come out for this winning concept from scratch, gathering data all around cities, check surrounding players and check on the market.


Consultant Restaurant Jakarta for Boogie Dessert Concept

Pid, consultant restaurant Jakarta proudly present BOOGIE, Bogor Sweet Home. A new concept for restaurant that is famous for its snow ice dessert. Pid Restaurant consultant team understand that the concept need to be bigger that just selling dessert. It needs foods as well and good beverages. So we add several main dish, appetizer, hot and cold drinks to the menu. Food from just snacking stuff, good to share and quite enough portion main course. Hot Coffee and Cold Sweet beverage.

pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-menu-foodpid-konsep-restoran-boogie-menu-dessert pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-menu-beverage

Consultant Restaurant Jakarta with design for menu

PID, restaurant consultant has a complete service from head to toe. We do design menu as part of our marketing tools. Design menu to production will be made according to the concept of restaurant. We did funky and looks fun for Boogie – Bogor Sweet Home. Colour full and show all pictorially menu was our idea to make our menu easy to look by the target market.


We did menu board in the main dining room. Not only for showing menu but it is functioning as decoration as well. The board were divided by 2 section; for dessert and for food. A complete service from PID so the owner can take seat relax and enjoy our show and work.

Consultant Restaurant Jakarta with design for flier and other marketing material


We did design and printed flier/brochures for Boogie. Full detail menu of dessert, food and beverage in on glance. this flier was schedule to distribute in traffic areal near by the restaurant.


Pre-opening banner was put up at the location 3 weeks before its open. The place was long time quiet and not much many people notice. So we decide to make soft announcement for the customer passing by and to visitor to our neighbour place.

pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-signage-2 pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-signage

Signage facing the road for pre opening and opening 1st 3 months and later. As consultant restaurant, we are making sure the concept get enough publicity by making all the signage as funky, catchy and visible

pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-facade pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-umbul2 pid-konsep-restoran-boogie-non-box-mini

The facade and steamers directional sign was to put in place. This Streamers were meant to be place along the street in Bogor. Well It’s depend on the permit as well budget to spend.


Gift Voucher for the 1st month after opening was set in place to give Boogie get second visit from the 1st timer guest. This Rupiah nominal voucher has validity too.


Consultant Restaurant Jakarta with design for uniform

Our team did design for uniform to match with the concept. This design was matching with the concept to enhance the feeling of customer. We did produce for the uniform


Consultant Restaurant Jakarta with design and production for table matt

Our founder feel the table was to dull and need to be brighten and make it more connected to customer. He urge team to make table matt to sell the concept of the restaurant for strong. This table matt was design and produce by PID team.