Say Loud your New Service, Delivery Promo

Adding more service is  an exiting business expansion, like wise delivery service is a big business adding to your main service, dine in and take away.  Adding new service need a time to running however it is depend on how fast and wide your team in spreading the new and information about it.  Say it loud many times, it is a simplest way to explode your new service to the customers.  Delivery service need to publicite by making delivery promo material such as leaflet, website as well advertising in media.  Delivery promo gets to the customer home, this is an important issue that many of marketer facing.  Delivery promotion needs to be sharp, focus and happening. What I mean, the delivery promo material has to be designed sharp/ easy to read, Focus / say one thing ar the time and happening / when this delevery promotion material gets hook up soon your delivery man will be so busy

Delivery Service is a big business to a restaurant

The trend coming is more and more family has more cozy home than ever,  TV with new technology is getting more affordable than ever, sofa and many furnitures are less and lesser price.  As soon the home become more place for family to gather than ever delivery service is more and feasible in the near soon.  Restaurant Business has to prepare to adapt this segmented service so they can gather a big chuck of the market share in delivery business.

Pid has an expertise in promoting your Delivery Service

we are experience in handling restaurant delivery service for a big brand in Indonesia, we know how to make a delivery material to be attached with your dine in business with minimal sacrifice on your take away anda dine in business.  Delivery is an animal by it self, so it needed to be treat specially.


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