A Chinese Restaurant in Pontianak,  GOLDEN CHEF.  A classy elegant yet homey restaurant serving variety of great tasty Chinese food.

Logo designed inspired by the name given.  Golden means made by gold an chef means a master cook.  We took a Chinese symbol of golden to show the Chinese cuisine restaurant and colored it with golden color.  The red background is describing a serving tray.  with the little Chinese character to make it nice blend of the logo harmony.  It also mean golden chef.  PID Logo Designer Jakarta was so honor to designed Golden Chef Logo. The Color of Chinese happiness (red) combine with prosperity (gold) and earthy (brown) making the logo shine and fullfil the fengshui

The logo describe a simple, elegant and show a classiness. with a strong text beside it.  The Font we used for the logo show mature and solid.Please enjoy the food while you visit Pontianak.  located at jalan Pahlawan No 1.  Please contact us for making restaurant logo at our email info@pidpid.com