Design Marketing for Restaurant is a Boundless Creativity.

PID IS A DEDICATED DESIGNER HOUSE THAT SPECIALIZE IN RESTAURANT BUSINESS.  We are ex-restaurant peoples (previously worked in restaurant for marketing and branding) who love to share and help owner of restaurant business to promote (POP / Marketing Tools), to build their brand (Brand Consultant), to fill their restaurant with all conceptual printing material (Restaurant Merchandising).  Our design is not only an ordinary design, it is a selling design, design marketing tools for restaurant, crafting for your restaurant business.  We are fully committed to work on your project to make a special work in designing marketing for your restaurant, such as:

  • Experience in creating POP(point of sales): poster, X banner, banner, table tent card, wobbler, register topper, hanging mobile, menu board, menu book, flyer and brochures, and many more.
  • Restaurant merchandising: chopstick wrap, chili/ tomato label, reserved sign, table number, name tag, uniform, wall mural, food packaging, plastic bag, motorcycle delivery box, sticker for glass (sandblast sticker), one way vision sticker, neon box, pricing board, signage (wash basin, toilet..) customer loyalty magnetic card, and many more
  • Building brand / Advertising: news paper print out, magazine ads, LCD ads, You tub Ads, flyer, billboard

Design Marketing for Dine in, Take away and Delivery is a different set of Idea, graphic, and execution way

All material for dine in restaurant, take away and delivery POP has each specific design and communication.  We understand food cost as well pricing strategy.  We will help you in design marketing restaurant program and calendar. Build your promotion program and design.  Time segmented marketing and functional as well emotional bonding. Let your brief  explode in our designer hand to create a simple, focus and looks good design fit to target market

pid designer note:

  • KISS, Keep It Simple but Sassy
  • POW, Powerful in showing the idea, Out of box execution, Win attention
  • TOP, Thinking conceptual, Objective in actualization, Perform in insight
  • SMF, Single Minded Focus on the message we want to deliver
  • CTF, Composition looks good, Tone color fit the mood, Font for stronger execution

It is not a design if does not sell, design must do marketing for your restaurant business

We take care your brand and we care about your success, a great principle of growing the business together as a partner. Let see your brief and we will work it out with in boundless creativity

Please contact us or call us for more detail


Kreativitas tanpa batas, untuk mendesain kebutuhan marketing restoran Anda. pid design marketing restaurant.

Biarkan ide Anda meledak di tanggan disainer kami, untuk menciptakan ide yang cemerlang dan simpel, fokus dan indah yang tentunya cocok untuk pembeli Anda.  Desain Marketing Restoran sangat dibutuhkan untuk menunjang terbentuknya kelas dari restoran.  Pembuatan menu card, menu tray, tent card, poster, wall mural, sarung sumpit, nomor meja, tempat brosur, buku bon, kartu nama  dan coaster tidak asal asalan harus sejalan dengan kelas restoran.

Percayakan kepada yang sudah berpengalaman tentunya.  Desain marketing restoran Anda dengan yang berpengalaman dan mempunyai prinsip desain yang sangat jitu:

BSDH, Biarkan Simpel dan Hidup

TDP, berTenaga dalam menunjukan ide, ekseuksi Diluar kebiasaan, mendapatPerhatian

KOD, berpikir Konseptual, aktual sesuai Objektive, berdasarkan pengertian menDalam

SPF, Satu Pesan saja dan Fokus

KCF, Komposisi yang baik, Color yang sesuai, Font yang tepat


Kami memastikan Anda sukses bersama dengan kami.  Kami berpartner dengan Anda untuk memajukan brand Anda

hubungi kami untuk kami lebih mengerti Anda