Food Photographer


Food Photographer with Stylist

Indonesian food photographer with stylist ability for Pasar Apong @ Sentul City, Ketoprak and Lotek an Indonesian exotic food.  Shoot with Canon DLSR 5D mkII with 100ml Macro lens for detail and showing texture.  Backlighted set up with strobe light from Visatec switzerland and process by Apple Mac Book Pro. Photographed by senior pid food stylist photographer who has been captured many food photography around indonesia.  PID Food Photography has been known for its detail and creating appetizing food arrangement.   Food styling was done by the same person, the photographer him-self.  The food Photographer has fully understanding of the food as well the camera made this shoot was possibility done good.

Food Photographer for Indonesian Traditional food

Indonesian food was not easy to food style, especially the one with lots of peanut sauce, it has a messy presentation.  Food Photographer for Indonesian food with the ability of food arrangement and has experience and knowledge of Indonesian food has done the 2 most delicious peanut sauce dishes which is Ketoprak and Lotek.  Food Photographer for your food business, please call us at 021 2936 1718/80