MENU BOOK DESIGN For Melrimba Kitchen Puncak


Melrimba Garden, puncak pass.  A relaxation place to enjoy good scenery, mountain air breeze, a peaceful environment.  Bring your family and friends to feel good and refresh with a delicate foods and beverages.  It is a destination place for whatever you need: family gathering, office outbound, photo for wedding, engagement ceremony,  recreation and holiday, play and fun.  Complete theme park with a flower garden, ATV, outbound, children’s playground, flower shop, jogging track, and a restaurant called Melrimba Kitchen, menu book design by pid.


melrimba kitchen

“White clean look” Menu Book Design

Menu book design that consist of many comprehensive pages, design in off white tone, simply showing all pictorial.  We designed price point in separate page for easy changes and does not affect on other pictorial menu.  Simple design and show a wholesome class. a great feel and modest look. With off white background to show the clean modern restaurant and to show up more on the picture of the food.  It was a great design said the owner, appetizing yet simple.

Menu book design with separate price page from picture page

The uniqueness of this menu book design was the designed of price page, it was on separate  (2 color) page to more cost efficient when the price need to be changed.  When the time we made this book, digital printing was still not in capacity to print and produce a great sharp quality print out of picture, so it has to do offset printing which has a minimum order.


Menu book design that will be long lasting feel

The owner wanted the menu book design that will not out of date and great design forever.  So we created a simple, less graphical and non trendy design platform.  This menu book design idea gave a big pressure for the photographer team, as well food stylist team to produce a great stylist photography for the menu book.  The designer set the mood and tonality of whitish background and all whitish props from napkin, background cloth, plate, bowl, all white.  It turned out to be a whitish great look and feel but not white clinically tone, we add parts of logo injected into price page. Thank you Melrimba Kitchen to cooperate with us in making this whitish menu book design possible and as our 1st menu book project.

Pid created the menu book, logo for the restaurant, big signage, photography.


please contact us 021 2936 1718/80 to see more detail of the menu or email us at



Buku Menu dengan desain “off white minimalis”

Desain Buku Menu dengan halaman yang cukup banyak, dengan latar warna putih / off white, menampilkan banyak gambar makanan.  Pid mendesain buku menu dengan halaman harga terpisah dengan halaman gambar, untuk memudahkan penggantian harga tanpa mengganti halaman bergambar makanan.  Desain buku menu yang simpel tetapi berkelas. feelnya dapet  dengan gaya minimalis.  Latar dasar “off white” memberikan kesan bersih tetapi modern dengan fokus menunjukan foto makanannya.  Desain yang baik kata pemiliknya.

Desain Buku Menu dengan halam harga terpisah dengan halaman gambar

Uniknya buku menu ini, halaman gambarnya tidak memiliki harga.  Ketika ingin mengganti halaman harga, halaman gambar tidak perlu diganti, jadi cetaknya lebih ekonimis dengan kertas yang lebih kecil.  Maklum pada saat buku menu ini dibuat cetak mesin digital belum ada jadi harus offset dengan mesin cetak besar dengan minimum order.  Pid mensiasatinya dengan memberikan solusi halaman harga dipisah dengan halaman foto makanan.

Desain Buku Menu yang bertahan lama

Pemilik restoran ingin desain buku menu yang bertahan lama dan tidak lewat tren. Pid kreasikan desain yang simpel, modern dan minimalis, membuat feelnya selalu up to date. Desain buku menu Melrimba Kitchen di puncak sebelum restoran rindu alam merupakan desain buku yang menonjolkan foto makanan yang menjadikan daya tarik utama.  Warna putih kami beri sentuhan abu-abu membuat buku menu ini tidak berkesan bersih klinikal.  Mood-nya makanan banget. TERIMA KASIH MELRIMBA KITCHEN yang telah mempercayaai picture in design dalam membuat  buku menu, desain logo , big signage, fotografi

Hubungi kami di 021 2936 1718/80 to see more detail of the menu or email us at