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Pid, Indonesian food photographer challenge for Kopitiam Jakarta

It was a great experience for Indonesian Food Photographer to shoot in 4th floor, bringing up all the equipment; lighting, stand, props, camera and laptop.  We call it exercise before shoot, no elevator, no escalator either.  3 days shoot to capture 20 products  from 10 AM to 10 PM everyday.   It was a great experience as well a stamina challenge. PID, Indonesian Food Photographer had to set the mood for the new brand to exist in the market.  It was a big task in  setting up the standart of presentation,  PID, Indonesian Food Photographer had done our home work and studied the trend and mode for kopitiam type of restaurant

Setting up A mood and standard of presentation is Indonesia food Photographer’s task

Let’s do it right and create appetite.  Shoot your food in stylist way, suit to your what is your customer’s expectation.  Pid shoot for KOPITIAM Jakarta, from its first starting.  We help to set the tone and a conceptual presentation for the brand.  Getting the style right was the challenge for the photography team.  The brand is modern, cozy, open-space  serving a complete meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee in ASIAN way.  Asian tone and feel must be show in the element.

It was a tight pitching session for Pid, Indonesia Food Photographer

Yes, You are right, for the owner and the management team, selecting a right photographer  for setting up a food tone and manner is a crucial thing.  Not mention the tight schedule and the perquisite of the standart image, we had beed interviewed by managing partner that had a previous experiences as director of 2 biggest food chain in the world in burger and Fried Chicken.  With his Credential and Internationally high standart, we were chosen as their food photographer to setting up the brand

Pid, Indonesian Food Photographer has experience in branding as well

Our photographer team is not only expert in know how to capture food right but also has understanding and capabilities of reading and do branding right for concept of the brand. This experiences made us confidence and secure with what we will do in setting up the restaurant positioning.  Thanks to GOD, the session was running smooth and as well created right image for the brand. We are so glad that the owner and management team were happy with all the stylist and photography that we did.  See kopitiam website

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