Food Stylist Photography Indonesia for EAT and EAT kelapa Gading & Gandaria City

EAT AND EAT, a food market with a twist, created by Iwan Tjandra, culinary break through in selling hawker food.  Complete place to really and enjoy Indonesian hawker food.  A Great place for hang out with friends and family.  All great familiar – close to heart food, in a mood-creation-ambiance.  From Asinan to gudeg, tahu gejrot, es duren, soto mie, udon, ramen, chicken rice, char kwetiau, java bistik, fried gurame, sate padang, sate ayam, gado gado, ketoprak, sop konro, iga bakar, pecel, sayur asem, nasi bakar. pid food stylist photography Indonesia was assigned to be the official photographer for Eat and Eat.  pid food stylist photography IndonesiaShow the beauty of each culinary food.  Bring out natural tasty and mouth watering sensation. Up lifting a great street smart culinary into a food court concept. Experience in food stylist for Indonesian transitional food with complete understanding of how to make it special and what is the custom treatment to make the product closed to Indonesian heart.  Pid food Stylist Photographer Indonesia with experience in food styling for more than 10 years


Advance and up to date gear for great result

Shoot with Swiss made studio lighting, Macintosh Apple Computer, Canon DSLR, Hasselblad Medium Format.  Pid  food stylist photography Indonesia will make your food as a hero.  A great presentation and powerful customer attraction for food court, restaurant, pub and bar.  Availability to shoot at your place (in restaurant) for your convenient or at our studio in East Jakarta.  Please do not hesitate to personally contact us at  or call us 021 2936 1718/80


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